Sometimes reaching for the stars can be viewed as nothing more than a whimsical fairy tale you might find at the conclusion of "Pretty Woman".  For those of you not familiar with the ending, Streetwalker hooks up with Business Mogul.

For the Maxwell family here in Lufkin, they needed every piece of that "Pretty Woman" script to fall into place to save their home.

And, IT DID!!!

The family, facing eviction from their home on November 1, for not being able to pay their property tax assessment, offered up a three day "Garage Sale".

Not the standard bicycle missing the front tire, or a Houston Astros T-shirt lathered with barbecue sauce from last weekends camp-out, rather, they extended their product line to most every thing in their home.

According to reports, about 500 generous people trekked to the Maxwell pad in the rain, and when business finally concluded, 424 Arizona Street still showed "Maxwell" as its occupants.

The family may be sleeping on the floor for some unforeseen future, but at least it's their floor!