The only place in town to get your games is in need of your help.

According to a recent Bad Wolf Gaming Facebook post, the business was broken into and vandalized.

The other game store, Gamer's Hollow will be officially closed on June 30th, which leaves Bad Wolf Gaming as our only establishment for card games, tabletop games and more.

We, as a community, should really do what we can to take care of our remaining game store, and they've set up a fast and easy way to do it.

You can head over to Bad Wolf Gaming's Facebook page and navigate to their GoFundMe page set up to restore themselves back to 100%. You might not love comic books, but all those comic book movies making billions of dollars had to start somewhere, and if something as small as a two dollar comic book can inspire future generations to create the next big hero, then we owe it to ourselves to help Bad Wolf Gaming in their time of need.If you have any information on the recent break in, notify Crimestoppers at (936) 633-8477.

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