The Lufkin School Board has voted to name the football field inside Abe Martin Stadium for the late head coach John Outlaw, who died back in December on Christmas Eve.


Nick Wade of the Lufkin News reports that the Lufkin school board has voted unanimously to name the Lufkin High School football field in memory of the late Coach John Outlaw.

Henceforth it will be called John Outlaw Memorial Field at Abe Martin Stadium.

LISD Superintendent Roy Knight says the board is also talking about other ways to honor Coach Outlaw, such as a statue, a sign on the scoreboard, and painting “Outlaw Memorial Field” at the back of each end zone.

Knight says putting the coach's name on the playing field is

“...a very appropriate way to honor our recent fallen hero, while maintaining respect for our past, our tradition and Coach Abe Martin.”

It's common these days for a football facility to have two names.  One for the brick and mortar stadium, and another for the field inside the stadium.

One notable example is at the University of Texas at Austin, where the football stadium is named Darrell K. Royal -  Texas Memorial Stadium, and the playing field is named for Houston attorney Joe Jamail, a UT Law School alumnus who has donated millions of dollars to the law school and UT athletics.