It's just unbelievable.  Just when you thought the far left had gone as low as they can go, they surprise you, and many of their fellow Democrats are embarrassed by it.

Lefties coast to coast are joining the national chorus of bashing Dick Cheney over his weekend heart transplant, and disgusted Republicans and embarrassed Democrats say the uncivil liberal Twitterfest is just ... heartless.


The flood of Internet vitriol includes bitter claims that former Vice President Dick Cheney didn’t deserve a heart, jokes that he never had one, and even cynical hopes that the transplanted heart will reject its new host.

In Herald online comments, one reader remarked: “Wasted on a war criminal. Hey Dick how many kids did your lies kill? Thats ok, hell can wait a little longer.”

“It’s a shame the political discourse has deteriorated to the point where people’s health is treated callously,” said former Massachusetts State Sen. Richard Tisei.

“That’s disgraceful,” Boston College political science professor Marc Landy said about the attacks, saying Cheney wasn’t the nation’s most-loved political leader, but “he is a man of tremendous integrity and talent.”

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In the interests of fairness, there are just as many people on the looney right as there are on the looney left.  Both are equally toxic.

People like that – on both sides – are vandals who’re tearing our national political life apart.  And we’re letting them do it.

The huge American middle -- moderate conservatives and moderate liberals -- must speak up and stop letting the loons and vandals dominate the conversation.