Metaphorically speaking of course.  When former Vice President Dick Cheney releases his memoir early next week, it may cause the second earthquake in Washington, D.C., this month.

“There are gonna be heads exploding all over Washington,’’ Cheney told NBC’s Jamie Gangel in an exclusive interview that will air on NBC’s “Dateline” next Monday.

In the book, titled “In My Time,’’ Cheney addresses a broad range of topics, including the attacks of Sept. 11; a secret resignation letter he kept in a safe in case he experienced catastrophic health issues, and his thoughts about former President George W. Bush and ex-Secretaries of State Condoleezza Rice and Colin Powell.

The 46th vice president discusses those topics and more in his candid, unapologetic interview with Gangel, and he’ll likely have more to say when he appears live on TODAY with Matt Lauer the next day on Aug. 30, the day his book hits stores.

Among other things, Cheney said he has no regrets about the controversial enhanced interrogation methods that were used to get information from captured terrorists, including water-boarding.

He says he would support using it again today if the situation were the same and it was the only way to get him to talk.