If you have waited until the VERY LAST MINUTE, and still want to get something unique for your significant other, you may want to search the far reaches of the internet.

I'm not saying Craigslist is a good plan A, or plan B, or even plans C through X ... But there are some handmade goodies, and cool gifts you might be able to get for cheap.

You might also have to drive a bit out of the way for these, depending on where you live.

The following images were all pulled from actual sellers on Craigslist as of February 14, 2017.

Vintage Valentine's Day Cards

Someone in Tyler is selling what they claim are actual vintage Valentine's cards from 1969! If you know someone who loves this old style of art, the person selling these is practically giving them away for $1 a card.


Nothing says Valentine's Day like an authentic autographed picture of Dirk Nowitzki!

Dirk Nowitzki

People will tag anything with the trending holiday it seems. Who knows? Maybe someone will get this for the Mavericks fan in their life?

Do you like to look at chocolate, and even smell it, but not be able to eat it? Who doesn't? This is the gift for you! (Is my sarcasm coming through?)

Choc Candles
Ruah's Candles Co.

There are a handful of good gift ideas over there, but hopefully you've already gotten your loved ones their present(s) weeks ago. If not, that signed Dirk Nowitzki picture is starting to look pretty good, isn't it?

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