I'm an idiot. Today I grabbed the bag of pumpkin seeds without reading the label. I figured, "It's October 1st. I should do a pumpkin seed review."

Somehow not noticing that these were spicy Texas chili flavored pumpkin seeds, I opened the bag, shoved my face in and took a big whiff. Chili powder not only got sucked up into my nose, but somehow on of my eyes.

I looked at the bag and felt really dumb. Plus, why would I expect pumpkin seeds to smell like pumpkin spice?


Okay, once the trauma wore off it was time to do my taste test. They're good once you know what to expect. Just like when you buy chili almonds, but these seeds aren't as hard.

Having said that, hear are the nutrition facts.

seeds back

Yeah yeah, if you're doing a keto diet, you probably already know you can snack on certain seeds and nuts. These aren't really any different from the mainstays you see in stores. Good texture, good taste, but sort of bland for it to be labeled spicy.

4/5 stars.

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