Lakenyan Carter is seven years old, and while surfing the net could be one of his many hobbies, the one stands out most is his volunteer service for Drey's Alert Dogs.

Located in Jasper, Lakenyan and other children volunteers frolic, coddle, pet and run with the the playful pooches, some of which are being trained as diabetic alert dogs.  Those dogs can detect dangerous sugar levels, and notify an individual via "pawing" that action needs to be taken.

Enter a dog named Marshall, trained in sniffing out diabetes, who took his paw to Lakenyan; a paw that did not go unnoticed by his mother, who was sure her son had the disease, and confirmed through a visit to a physician.

According to an NBC News report just last year, most people having diabetes are oblivious to the fact.  Those who benefit most from alert dogs are people with type I diabetes, so if you are constantly running sugar levels in the danger zone, Drey's Alert Dogs may be the answer to saving your life.

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