Hurricane Beryl has hit in Deep East Texas. Along with the rain and wind, it has also been throwing out random bursts of tornadic activity.

An unconfirmed tornado struck a tractor store near where the new Valero is being built on Highway 59 in Appleby, Texas, leaving an obvious trail of destruction. The location is between 1 Way Diesel Performance and Sammy's Cafe in Appleby north of Nacogdoches.

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Luckily no one was injured during this event. The crew from 1 Way Diesel Performance and Tilly and Alpha Productions were on site offering any assistance they could.

Texas DPS On The Scene Of Apparent Tornado In Appleby, Texas

Texas DPS and the Nacogdoches County Sheriff's Office were on scene shortly after the damage occurred. The tornado ripped off part of a roof and pushed metal siding into the structure.


There is debris all over the area, and Tropical Storm Beryl is not done with us yet. No one was injured in this tornado.

More tornados have been reported in San Augustine and Jasper counties. Strong winds have knocked out power, and have left thousands without power in East Texas.

Even after the storm has passed in an area, strong winds continue with rain bands as this system exits the area.

The Second Storm In Hurricane Season Headed Straight For Deep East Texas

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Deep East Texas has had its share of rain and wind in the past few months. Rainfall totals were high for our area, even before the aftermath of Hurricane Beryl.

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