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  • Texan 'Squid Games: The Challenge' player TJ Stukes is number 182.
  • This El Paso resident might have a special advantage as a former professional basketball player. He was TJ "Tomahawk" Stukes on the Harlem Wizards and still knows all the tricks.
  • TJ currently lives in Northeast El Paso where he runs a gym, Southwest Desert Hoops, with his wife.

If you haven't started binge-watching the real-life version of the Netflix pandemic hit 'Squid Games,' I'll do my best not to give too many spoilers. I've only gotten through the first few episodes and one competitor from Texas really stood out.

'Squid Games: The Challenge' really looks and feels a lot like the original show, without the actual death. The 456 players are all trying to win a clear piggy bank that will eventually be filled with $4.56 million dollars.

The challenge where TJ Stukes makes a big appearance was during a game that wasn't featured in the original, but should be very familiar. "Warships" is just like a huge version of "Battleship" with real people in the boats.

Meet This Texan Trying to Win 'Squid Games: The Challenge' On Netflix 

Stukes is the blue team captain and puts a lot of responsibility on himself. Guiding the team on where to place the boats in the game, and trying to sink two boats on the other team to keep himself and the players on the boats safe from elimination.

During gameplay, he was like a real-life book of inspirational quotes. Shouting encouragement to all of the players under his control during the competition.

According to in El Paso, Texas this isn't the first time he was on television. TJ Stukes and his wife Samantha were on an episode of The Cube in 2021 and won $50K.

Check out Episode 3 to see this Texan on the show. He isn't the only Texan left on the show according to

  • Jackie Gonzalez number 393, is from San Antonio.
  • Charlise Chaney number 179, is from Houston.
  • Ned Stewart number 404, is from Dallas.

Play 'spot the Texan' when more episodes are released on Wednesday, November 29, 2023.

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