Update: Read Now: Latest Atwoods Update For New Grand Opening Date 

The grand opening date on this sign for Lufkin's new Atwoods Ranch & Home Store has come and gone. The biggest Atwoods location I have ever seen seems ready to go, but there are a few kinks in the system.

photo by Walter Wazup via Facebook

Local Lufkin fans of the store will have to continue to wait for their chance to get at all of the products they love. When the store does finally open, I hope they support it.

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A post on the Atwoods Ranch & Home Goods (Lufkin, Texas) Facebook page on Monday, April 15, 2024, gave us the bad news.

"I am sad to say, but due to technical difficulties our Grand Opening has been pushed back to a later date. Stay tuned for that new date. Hopefully it won’t be too much longer. We just have to work out the little kinks and bugs."

The post has since been removed from Facebook.

Some have mentioned that they aren't open yet because of their computer system. That might only be a rumor, but it could be true. The store seems ready inside and out.

Atwoods Had A Table Set Up To Greet People In Lufkin

Since the store is not open, and they said they would be, they had a table set up by the front doors and were greeting people. That was the perfect thing for them to do given the circumstances.


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I am sure many people noted the original open date they previously shared, and didn't double-check before stopping by. With all the people and cars, it appears to be open. Good on them for having someone outside to let people know.

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See Inside The New Atwoods In Lufkin

We are just days away from Atwoods in Lufkin opening up. We have seen the changes on the outside, so let's see how things are going on the inside.

Gallery Credit: Dan Patrick

Lia's Kitchen Closes For Good

Lufkin's only bastion of Vietnamese and other Asian infusion closes up shop in Downtown Lufkin. Owners will continue to operate Iron Grill in the South Loop Crossing with all of our favorite menu items from Lia's Kitchen.

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