The most expensive home in Texas just got a large price reduction. The 20,000-square-foot mansion was first listed at $65 million a few months ago and is now a much more budget-conscious $49.9 million.

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According to the Houston Chronicle, the listing is named the Lodge at Hunters Creek. If the estate sells near the listing price, it will still break a 2022 record for the most expensive Houston home sold through MLS, and the most expensive home currently for sale in Texas.

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Photo courtesy of Billy Dolan via
Photo courtesy of Billy Dolan via

The Most Expensive Houses For Sale In The US

Though the Houston residence at 107 Timberwild Lane could pass for a small castle in England, it doesn't even come close to the most expensive home for sale in the US, especially after the recent price reduction.

The most expensive home for sale currently in the US is in Florida. Built in 1989 on a dead-end lot overlooking the Gulf of Mexico this 6 bedroom, 24 bathroom home is currently listed at a whopping $295 million.

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Though the homes have roughly the same square footage, one is at 100 Bay Road in Naples, right on the beach in Florida, while the other is landlocked. The Houston home is 30 minutes away from the Gulf of Mexico.

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There might be more expensive apartments, but this list is centered on private homes. They also avoided properties with huge amounts of land for sale that overshadowed the prices of the homes on them.

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Look at the most expensive homes currently for sale in the US.  There are also more in-depth pictures of the Houston mansion in the photo galleries below.

Stunning $65 Million Dollar Mansion in Houston, Texas

This is currently the most expensive home on the market in the state of Texas, located in Houston.

Gallery Credit: Billy Jenkins

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