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  • Nacogdoches ranked 6th

If you are investing in a college education for yourself or a family member in this economy, you have money on your mind. Even if money was no object, Texas was still at the top of the pack.

In Wallet Hub's recent rankings Austin, Texas was the clear winner as the number 1 college town in the nation. Austin got a total score of 63.7. Great scores for their social environment and further academic and economic opportunities outweighed their bottom-of-the-pack, wallet-friendly scores.

If you were just looking at college cities and towns in the  U.S. that are easy on the pocketbook, Austin doesn't even make the top 200 on the list. Luckily 5 other Lone Star State college towns are there to fill in the Texas-sized gap.

5 Of The Top 10 Most Affordable College Towns In The U.S. Are In Texas

Though the total score of some of the schools might not be the best, you never know what the right fit for you and your values are. Schools in smaller towns don't have as many opportunities as the larger cities.

When you are done with school, you are not likely to be able to set down roots there.

Texas has 5 of the top 10 most wallet-friendly cities/towns with a college in the U.S. and that is something that could be worth bragging about.

Stephen F. Austin in Nacogdoches is now part of the University of Texas System and, in my opinion, the clear winner on this list. Getting an education in the oldest town in Texas is a financial win, though you might have to leave to find a job when you are done.

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