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  • Fastest Growing Texas Cities
  • Near Large Urban Areas
  • Suburbs Getting Bigger

Living in a big city in Texas might be losing its appeal. Suburbs are where it's at, according to the list of the 50 Fastest Growing Cities In America from Forbes.

Most of the 12 Texas cities on the list are really close to places you may have heard of like Dallas and Houston. The big cities themselves didn't make it on the charts; it's full of smaller communities nearby that are experiencing record population growth.

They are also experiencing large increases in household income to go along with that population growth. Texans with buying power are choosing to stay close enough to the big city to utilize all the things they need there, without actually living in the thick of it.

Big Growth Leads To Growing Pains For Many Areas

Finding new spots to build in existing towns is happening, but not fast enough for some of the towns experiencing the largest growth.  All that new population has to have somewhere to live, and buildings only get built so fast.

When you travel to these growing cities, you will notice that what was a pasture ten years ago is now a new subdivision.

Frisco, Texas north of Dallas came in as the fastest-growing Texas city, with steady growth since 2011. Their 2011 population was 110,000 and the 2021 population was 193,140.

Almost doubling your population in just 10 years has to come with some growing pains. That could be why locals have complained so much about rent and mortgages being so high.

Top 12 Fastest Growing Cities In Texas

12 Texas cities made a new list from Forbes of the 50 fastest-growing cities in America.
  1. Frisco, Texas 4
  2. Conroe, Texas 7
  3. New Braunfels, Texas 9
  4. McKenny, Texas 11
  5. Sugar Land, Texas 14
  6. Pearland, Texas 15
  7. League City, Texas 17
  8. Edinburg, Texas 28
  9. Atascocita, Texas 29
  10. College Station, Texas 41
  11. Allen, Texas 43
  12. Fort Worth, Texas 50

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