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  • Classic Hollywood cinema films are back on the big screen in a historic theater in Lufkin.
  • The movie prices will take you back to the good old days.
  • Audiences of all ages will appreciate this year's lineup of golden-era films.

Do you have a friend or a family member who spends all day watching TCM - Turner Classic Movies at full volume? Get them out of the house and take them to enjoy the theater experience where these movies were originally shown.

The Pines Theater is a literal jewelry box of a cinema in downtown Lufkin. This year they have decided to show a different classic film every month.

These are the greatest movies of all time and are used in film schools across the nation to show the younger generation how it is done. These are the movies that everyone should see at least once in their life.

See Some Of These Movies In Color For The First Time

Some of the films have been colorized since they were first shown. Even if you have seen them before, this is the perfect time to go back and see why these are the true classics of American cinema.

The best part of this night out is that you won't break the bank. Tickets are just $5 each, and the cash-only concessions are also priced to put you back in time.

Coming up on January 12, 2024, they are showing the Humphrey Bogart classic The Maltese Falcon from 1941. See Bogie back again on the big screen at the Pines Theater in Lufkin, Texas.

2024 Classic Movie Lineup At The Pines Theater In Lufkin

Movies everyone must see at least once in their life.

Gallery Credit: Dan Patrick

Pines Theater In Lufkin Was A Sweet Time

The Pines Classic Film Series recently had a showing of Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory sponsored by Real Graphics.

Gallery Credit: Dan Patrick