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  • Did you get caught off guard during our recent dip into the teens?
  • Get your car prepared before the next deep freeze hits Texas with these must-have items.
  • Before you leave home get ready for unpredictable weather on the road.

While the last Texas deep freeze is still fresh in your mind, take a second to think about some things that would have been nice to have in your car. It doesn't make sense to have studded tires, chains, or snow tires at the ready like in the northern states.

There are only one or two days that things get crazy every year in Texas. Some years have a mild winter, which lulls us into a false sense of security.

I have a ritual before I leave the house that was taught to me by one of my favorite triple threats, Adam Sandler. He even wrote a song, so I can sing it when I leave the house every day.


Those are the bare minimum, and usually all you need when you leave the house in Texas. Unless you are going on a flight, then you will need your passport.

Get out of that minimalist mindset and be more prepared when the next cold snap comes. These items are all about staying comfortable and safe on a long trip or just a drive to the corner store.

See if you have all this in your car.

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