Car meets used to be subdued affairs in parking lots, where a few guys in New Balance shoes showed up after recently washing their Corvettes. In the new modern muscle era, things have gone from mild to wild in a hurry.


These 700+ hp cars show up to these meets and a few of them ruin the fun for everyone else. They also have side shows or street takeovers near these events that can disrupt the flow of traffic or cause major accidents.

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I'm sure you have seen footage of over-revving and burnouts at car meets. One Texas-based car meet organizer has outright banned all modern muscle from attending.

No Camaros, Chargers, or Mustangs Allowed At These Car Meet-Ups

Texas-based car meet organizer Coffee and Cars put out a temporary ban on muscle cars back in October.

They had a car meet-up at Post HTX in Houston over the weekend, and this could have been the first event for the complete ban on these types of cars and the mischief-makers that came with them.

The meets that Coffee and Cars put on are geared more toward high-end collectibles and museum-spec vehicles. You go to these car meets to see cars that you wouldn't normally see on your way to work every morning.

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Watching Hellcats doing burn-outs on busy streets is not what the fans of these events came to see. Do you think they were right to ban certain cars?

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