If you head just northeast of Dallas, you will find White Rock Lake. This lake, which is also the home of the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden, is considered one of the most haunted bodies of water in the world. It's said to be home to the spirit of a woman who drowned there in the 1940s. But that's not the only story locals have heard.

First Story of White Rock Lake

The actual timeline of what happened is a little sketchy but it is believed that a woman accidentally drowned in the lake in the 1940s.

One story says that a couple saw a woman, who was soaking wet, on the side of the road and offered her a ride. The woman told the couple that she was in a boat accident and gave them an address. When they arrived, the woman disappeared with only a wet spot on the seat left behind. The man who was driving knocked on the door of the house at that address. The gentleman who answered the door told him his daughter drowned a couple years earlier in the lake.


Other versions of the story state that a woman will knock on doors around White Rock Lake asking to use the telephone. Other residents have heard stories of the woman committing suicide.

The Beliefs of Many

Some believe it is just an urban legend because there is no actual evidence of any drowning or suicide or other dastardly deed around the lake in the 1940s. That has not stopped fans of The Lady of the Lake however. People have gathered for séances and there was even a near riot because of a failed radio station stunt in the 1960s.

For you weekend ghost hunters, it would certainly be an interesting visit just to check it out. Find out more about White Rock Lake at whiterocklake.org.

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