A popular restaurant in Tyler, Texas is set to be featured on America's Best Restaurants, an online 'roadshow' focused on shining a spotlight on great locally-owned restaurants.

It must be an exciting time for the family and staff of C Rojo's Gourmet Taqueria. Due to the vast array of delicious food options they offer to their many East Texas fans, they've experienced quite a bit of growth over the last couple of years. And it is much deserved, in my opinion.

Back in 2019, C Rojo's Mobile Cuisine began sharing their amazing culinary creations via their food truck, which quickly became a popular addition to East Texas gatherings. However, even just seeing their food truck could create quite a gathering on its own due to the great food.

C Rojo's opened an initial brick-and-mortar location one year later--to the day--in North Tyler, Texas.

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There is a newer location on South Broadway in Tyler, Texas that opened in summer 2023.

The owners of C Rojo's are Rogelio and Carrie Mendiola Tellez, a friendly, popular couple who have 'fused' their talents to create a fusion both unique and delightful.

According to a story shared by TylerPaper.com, "The taqueria serves from-scratch Mexican and Pacific Islander fusion, the inspiration for which was Carrie’s 'pickiness' when it came to food, said Rogelio. He began to mix the two cuisines in an attempt to broaden her palate."

C Rojo's combines Pacific Islander, Latin, and even Italian flavors on their menu in many delicious ways in East Texas.

As a result, all of East Texas gets to enjoy a menu offering well-loved East Texas favorites, such as homemade tortillas and delectable tacos. At the same time, customers will find surprising and delightfully unusual items on the menu, including, "shrimp tacos with mango pico to soppe con green chorizo to kimchi fries to a brussels sprout filling for tacos and burritos," reports TylerPaper.com.

And now people all over the U.S. will be able to get a closer look at the incredible food so many have come to love in East Texas. America’s Best Restaurants will be bringing their 'roadshow' to C Rojos Gourmet Taqueria on January 10.

We will update this article when there is confirmation of when the episode will be available on social media.

In the meantime, let's take a little photo tour of some of the gorgeous dishes the folks at C Rojo's Gourmet Taqueria have created for your enjoyment:

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A popular Tyler, TX is set to be featured on America's Best Restaurants, an online 'roadshow' focused on shining a spotlight on great locally owned restaurants. Here's a look at some of the amazing dishes created here.

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