When you've lived in this area your whole life, you see businesses come and go. Some that you want to see go, and others that it saddens you to watch them go. One of those businesses that I watched come and go is Waffle House.

Some of you may not know that, yes, Nacogdoches actually had a Waffle House. It was located on South Street, just outside of the loop, where the new Taco Bell just opened.

Between the time that Waffle House closed its doors and demolition, that building was home to several other restaurants, including a burger joint and a seafood restaurant. However, to me, it would always be remembered as the greasy - but enjoyable - Waffle House. The picture below from Google was taken before the building was torn down to make way for Taco Bell.

Mark Cunningham
Google Maps

Now that it's been several years, I think it's time to revisit the possibility of bringing back the All-Star menu to Nacogdoches. Let's face it, there aren't that many breakfast places in Nac. (*Note: The ones we have are great, but I wouldn't mind more choices in the breakfast category.) Also, since they're open 24-hours, wouldn't that be a pretty nice investment into a town full of college students that eat at ALL TIMES of the day and night? I think SFA alone could keep them in business...

So, that's my question to the decision-makers in "The Oldest Town In Texas". Is Nacogdoches going to bring back Waffle House? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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