My daughter, River, has struggled with eczema since she was born. Here's how we found relief.

Anyone who knows me or has followed my little family over the last eight years or so knows about my daughter's intense experience with eczema. Her eczema was the source of a lot of pain and late nights for her up until she was about five years old.

For years, we saw countless dermatologists and specialists, yet none of them could find the solution, despite how hard they all tried.

If you have a child with eczema, you certainly know the feeling of helplessness that I felt for a long time. It seems like there's never an end in sight, and that eczema isn't necessarily something you can cure, but something you simply learn to live with.

I am beyond happy to say that River has been living (almost) eczema-free for the past three years or so.

Of course with eczema, not every solution is everyone's solution, but hopefully, this video can help someone out there! I shot this video once we realized River's medication was actually working. If your child battles with eczema, you know how frustrating treatment can be, and how hard it is to finally find something that works. Every year around this time, when the weather gets colder, your little one might see a massive eczema flare-up.

If that describes your situation, this is for you!




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