There are hot streaks and then there are real hot streaks. And Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott has hit the jackpot once again. The Haughton native, whose previous multi-million dollar sportswear endorsement with shoe giant Adidas was set to expire, has signed an even bigger contract with the Nike, the biggest footwear company of all.

Here's what Yahoo Sports says about the just signed deal:

"The Dallas Cowboys quarterback is leaving Adidas and signing a five-year deal with Nike's Jordan Brand, according to ESPN's Adam Schefter. The deal will reportedly make Prescott the highest-paid NFL player on the Jordan Brand roster, as well as the only quarterback and only Cowboys player."

And Schefter, ESPN's ultimate NFL insider, posted this on Twitter:

"Cowboys’ QB Dak Prescott is leaving adidas and signing a five-year agreement with the Jordan Brand, per source close to situation. Prescott will be the only Jordan Brand QB, the only Cowboys player, and highest-paid NFL player on the Jordan Brand roster."

Prescott, who earlier this year signed a new, $160 million deal with Jerry Jones and the Cowboys, is one of the NFL's most visible players when it comes to endorsements. The signal caller already has deals with  Anheuser-Busch, Pepsi, Sleep Number, Dannon Yogurt, Campbell's Soup, 7-Eleven, AT&T and Beats By Dre.

This fall, Prescott will be starting his sixth season in Dallas. He missed a major portion of last season with a broken right ankle. According to Prescott, his agent Peter Miller and the team, the surgery to repair the dislocation and compound fracture was a complete success. According to The Athletic, "he has felt 'ready to go' since early May."


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