This is getting ridiculous. Is nothing safe from high tech snoops?  Here's the latest thing to be concerned about.  If you have an iPhone, that creepy guy standing near you holding a phone may be reading your text messages.

We already know snoops who know how can use an iPhone to detect keystrokes typed into a nearby keyboard.  Now -- scientists have turned the tables on the iPhone itself, with a program that can identify text typed on a touchscreen from up to 200 feet away.

The program is called -- what else? -- i-Spy, and it allows users to read text messages and emails sent from an iPhone.

The new work uses nothing more than a typical smartphone camera to spy on phones up to 10 feet away.  Using advanced cameras and lenses it is effective out to about 200 feet.

This new technique can be thwarted by using various kinds of privacy screens on mobile phones, but people who worry about their privacy are concerned just the same.

via That creepy guy standing near you, holding a phone, may be reading your texts | SciGuy | a blog.

iPhone users need to realize how vulnerable their mobile devices are to this kind of snooping, by network hackers as well as people nearby using technology such as this.

Welcome to Brave New World.  There's no such thing as privacy anymore.