Angelina County residents are invited to an "Open House" meeting today in Lufkin, to share their thoughts and comments on the proposed I-69 corridor.  The I-69 Segment Two Committee will hold the meeting at 4:30 pm today in the Jaguar Room at the Ellen Trout Zoo.

An I-69 informational video and maps with the Segment Two Committee’s preliminary comments, recommendations and priorities will be available, and residents are encouraged to review the maps and contribute ideas and feedback.

The I-69 Segment Two Committee is one of five regional citizen advisory groups meeting throughout the I-69 system.

The five committees will submit their recommendations to the full I-69 Advisory Committee later this year.  The Advisory Committee will present its final plan to the Texas Transportation Commission.

Here's a link to more information on the TXDOT website:

via Interstate 69 - Driven by Texans.

I-69 is an Interstate highway that -- if and when it is ever completed -- will run from the Canadian border in Michigan to the Mexican border in Texas.

Here's a link to the working map of the I-69 route through Texas.

i69_map_2011.pdf (application/pdf Object).

In Texas, I-69 will follow the route of US 59 from Texarkana through Houston to Laredo.  That's not final, because other possible routes through south Texas are also under discussion.

I-69 has been talked about and on drawing boards since the 1970s, but so far, the only stretch that's been completed is between Indianapolis and Port Huron, Michigan.

Your grandchildren may live to see it completed in Texas.