The Angelina County Sheriff’s Office has shut down a methamphetamine lab in Huntington they say could be the biggest they’ve ever seen. It happened Tuesday morning at the home of 47 year old Donald Lee Brooks on FM 1669.

The Sheriff’s Department says they’ve been building a case against Brooks for several months, and by this week they finally had enough evidence to send a SWAT team in to shut him down and arrest him.

Brooks was not home at the time, but he was arrested a short time later on Highway 69 south. An unidentified man and woman were there and taken into custody, but they were released without charges later in the day.

Deputies say the meth lab was in a hidden room, but meth ingredients, components and pipes used for smoking meth were found throughout the house. They confiscated 100 grams of meth with a street value of $10,000.

The sheriff’s office also confiscated a truck, a sports car, a motorcycle, several computers, a flat-screen TV and several guns.

Brooks is charged with possession of illegal drugs and deputies say more charges are possible.

Angelina County prosecutor Julie Alston accompanied the sheriff’s office on the bust and said she was amazed by all the work that went into it.

via Meth lab bust in Huntington may be county's largest ever; arrest made Tuesday afternoon - The Lufkin Daily News: Local & State.

The law officers say they were amazed by the hard work the suspects allegedly put into this illegal drug lab. They were working harder to do something illegal – than they’d have to work at something completely legal. Go figure.