When the machines take over, you may remember this as a pivotal moment.

Han, a humanoid robot, was introduced this week at the Global Sources Electronics Fair in Hong Kong.

Han has skin made of the delightful-sounding Frubber (that's industry jargon for "flesh rubber"), can display a wide range of emotions and, thanks to the cameras inside the face and chest, has the chilling ability to recognize reactions from real people.

Ratcheting up the creepy factor even more is the fact Han can have a conversation with you.

Aside from scaring the bejesus out of the humans who are developing robots too smart for our own good, Han could set the stage for use in hotels and other customer service industries, as well as assisting with the elderly.

While a pioneer in the field, Han is ultimately paving the way for Eva, a female robot who is expected to be produced in large numbers this year, sending shivers down our collective spine.

The technology is certainly there, but we have to imagine there's a large segment of the population who finds this slightly terrifying.

While you weep for the demise of humanity, check out Han in action below, and be prepared to rise up when the rebellion starts:

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