First, the Good News...

By the time Labor Day had arrived in East Texas, we had already received 4.45 inches of rain for the first week of September. That amount comes from the weather reporting station at the Angelina County Airport.

...And, the Bad News

Now, over 3 weeks later, that rainfall total has not budged. The rainfall that East Texas received in August and the first part of September was enough for every county in the eastern third of Texas to drop their burn bans. But, now that all of the Pineywoods is going on 25 days since our last downpour, sprinkle, or drizzle, those burn bans are getting re-issued.

Which Counties Have Burn Bans?

According to the Texas A&M Texas Forest Service website, three counties in the Deep East Texas are now under burn bans. Sabine, Houston, and Walker Counties have officially said no to outdoor burning.

What's the Outlook?

I've looked at several weather models for what the forecast holds for East Texas over the next two weeks.  If you've been a fan of the weather over the past couple of weeks, you should like what's in store.

There will be a lot of sunshine with high temperatures mainly in the mid to upper 80s.  Don't be surprised to see a day or two of 90-degree highs. However, when it comes to liquid relief, I don't see any rain chances through the first ten days of October.

As a result, I would expect more and more county judges and commissioners to make the decisions to enact burn bans in their respective counties.

In a Nutshell

If the forecast plays out as it should over the next two weeks, the weather will be great for camping, but not for campfires.

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