In what was seemingly a run of the mill stop on Highway 79, Henderson Police discovered a substantial amount of THC-infused edibles and vaping devices. According to Henderson Police, they've been finding more of these types of products over the last several months.

But these aren't the edibles you might expect. These have been packaged in a way that unless you're paying attention, might be mistaken for regular snack foods--particularly Doritos and Cheetos.

(Not that we're not taking this seriously, but I can't help but find this ironic because we hear the very foods people who've recently infused themselves with THC crave are often things such as Cheetos and Doritos. Perhaps they see this as a way to kill two birds with one stone? But I digress.)

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Chief Chad Taylor of the Henderson Police Department believes many of these, especially the edibles, are coming out of California.

Obviously a huge concern of Chief Taylor, and likely all members of law enforcement, is that these will end up in the possession of teenagers and even kids. And because of the snack food packaging, some young kids may not even realize what they're consuming.

Other substances were found, too--including a drug-infused liquid that teenagers have been adding to soft drinks.

Of course the debate continues as to whether or not marijuana should or should not be legalized in Texas. But as of now, it is still an illegal substance in Texas. So parents, please be aware and on the lookout.

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