With the assistance of social media, it is getting easier for us to help out law enforcement, and we are all about supporting these hard-working individuals who are protecting and serving our communities. That’s why I always like to keep an eye on the social media pages for all law enforcement in our area. While they are doing their best, they can’t be everywhere all the time. That is where we can be helpful and assist when needed. Recently the Henderson County Sheriff’s Office posted about three fugitives that are currently trying to track down and wondering if you know where they might be hiding.  

Before getting blasted on social media by law enforcement you can guarantee that these suspects made some really bad decisions. When you look at the crimes they are facing they include Burglary, Assault on a family member, and abandoning or endangering a child with negligence. Let’s hope that these suspects don’t repeat these same mistakes but seeing as how they are now avoiding law enforcement it seems like they still have some lessons to learn. 

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It’s Not Your Problem To Track These Henderson County Fugitives Down 

We’ve all seen Dog the Bounty Hunter online, please don’t act like a bounty hunter. If you see one of the suspects listed below or know where they might be located, please contact Sheriff Botie Hillhouse at 903-675-5128 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-545-8477. 

You Could Receive a Cash Reward for Information 

If you have information leading to the arrest of one of these three individuals you could receive cash compensation. Here are the details that were released by the Henderson County Sheriff’s Office: 

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