I've known Dr. George Fidone for quite a while.  The Lufkin-based pediatrician has been the doctor for my three kids starting in 1996.  My son and two daughters have always enjoyed the playful wit and conversations they have with Dr. Fidone during office visits and checkups.

I've always admired his wisdom.  He really is one of the smartest people I know, and I'm not saying that just because he is a doctor.  Whenever I have taken my kids in to see him, Fidone and myself often engaged in topics ranging from medicine to world events to politics to the truly random.  The wide range of expertise he displays in so many subjects is very impressive and engaging.

The St. Jude Connection

I'm also a fan of Dr. Fidone because before setting up shop in Lufkin at The Children's Clinic, he was a Fellow at one of the most storied hospitals in the world -- St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee.  Anyone who has listened to our KICKS 105 Radiothons for the past 3 decades knows of our passion and our respect for this hospital that is dedicated to defeating catastrophic childhood diseases, mainly cancer.

I recently learned something else astonishing about Dr. Fidone.  It's yet another talent that he has, a talent that he didn't even realize he possessed until two years ago.  He is an accomplished painter and artist.

How Dr. Fidone discovered his painting talent

He was finishing up a book that he was writing, and he was asked to add a few illustrations for the book.  Fidone was not too keen on that idea but decided to give it a try.  That 'attempt' caught the attention of the person asking him to do the illustrations, so she had Fidone do several more drawings not only to develop his talent but also to convince him that he indeed had this wonderful gift as an artist.

How cool is that!? I'm around the same age as Dr. Fidone and I just can't imagine what it would be like to uncover a talent like that hidden for some 60 years into your life.

The Dam has Burst

Over the past two years, Dr. Fidone has cranked out numerous paintings.  They vary widely from the abstract to portraits to impressions and much more.  If you happen to visit the Children's Clinic in Lufkin, you'll find that some of his works adorn many of the walls there.

When he sits in front of a blank canvas, Fidone rarely knows what the subject matter will be.  He usually starts with a brushstroke and his creativity takes control from there.  I asked him if he had sold any of his paintings, but he told me that he hasn't been able to part with his works because there is so much of 'him' in each of his creations.  It would almost be like parting with a family member.

Earlier in April, the Lufkin Art Guild held a Spring Show in downtown Lufkin.  Dr. Fidone displayed many of his paintings there and was awarded several ribbons as well.  I had a chance to take pictures of many of his works and they are showcased in the gallery below.  My apologies, however, the overhead fluorescent lights caused some straight-line blue glares in some of the photos.  Despite that, it's obvious the remarkable talent possessed by this pediatrician.

Dr. George Fidone's Artwork

Dr. George Fidone is a very popular pediatrician in East Texas. Recently, he discovered he also has quite a talent for painting. Here are some of his wonderful paintings.



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