Childhood asthma is not uncommon, and Lino Lopez of Lufkin was the average elementary student, capable of running, playing, and talking to family friends until an asthma attack in January 2015 changed everything for Lino and his parents.

Lino suffered a traumatic asthma attack which caused a shortage of oxygen to his brain for too long a period of time. This left him with what is called anoxic brain injury, leaving him unable move or talk.

With the loving support and care of his parents, doctors, physical & speech therapists and many others, 10-year-old Lino has made progress. His abilities for certain movements and speech should continue to increase; however the assistant principal of Slack Elementary, Yaneth Clifton explained that his mom doesn't foresee Lino being able to walk again.

Lino is able to understand everything, but just can't communicate back.  He has regained some speech, but mainly one syllable words and limited mobility now." - Yaneth Clifton (Poster Child Chair)

Yaneth is a contributor and coordinator for the fundraising events to assist Lino's family. She has t-shirts for sale benefiting Lino's family. The shirts are only $10.

Currently a fourth grade student, Lino has been able to resume school, but is at Anderson Elementary in Lufkin now because they are better equipped to handle handicapped students, she said.

Lino is the current Poster Child for the Cinco De Mayo ETX Community.

In a coordinated effort to help alleviate some of the financial burden experienced by the endless medical bills the family has incurred, five fundraisers have already been held for Lino, including the most recent fundraiser put together by Justin (Zumba) Walker and Rudy Flores of Changing Lives Dance Center. The fundraiser also acted as a Zumbathon/family skate party at the Lufkin Skate Ranch.

Tiffany's Total Fitness Center is the location of the next fundraiser for Lino at noon on Saturday, May 28th, and admission is $10.

Chipotle is also sponsoring a fundraiser for Lino, called "Give Back the Night"  on Tuesday, May 31st.

Every dollar helps, and for those who may be unable to contribute a larger sum of money, the "$5 Plate Challenge" is ongoing. Please click on link to see how you can participate in this one.

Last, but certainly not least, powerful action one can take on behalf of Lino is to pray for him, his family, and for his complete recovery.