We all have our regular websites we go to. But have you ever had that moment when you wish there was a website for some very specific that can help you? Here is a list of website that you probably don't know about that can come in really handy.

First, there's myfriedgefood.com. This is one that I have thought about for awhile and can't believe I'm just now finding out about it. Have you ever sat in front of your fridge, wondering what you can make with the items you already have? That's where myfridgefood.com comes in handy. You put in the items that you already have and the website spits out a recipe that you can make.

Next we have justwatch.com. Do you ever find yourself going through every streaming service you have looking for something specific to watch? This website will cut down on that time because just need to head to website and search what you're looking for. It will give you a list of the streaming services you can watch what you're looking for.

How about gethuman.com? Are you tired of going through long menus when you call a company and just want to speak to a live person? You tell this website the company, and it tells you how to get a live person on the phone.

If you like some style on a movie or TV show be sure to check out wornontv.net. This website will give you links to where you can buy clothes based on a movie or TV show you're watching.

And finally, we have runpee.com. If you're watching a movie and aren't sure when to get up to go pee, this website will help you with that.

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