Are you doing Christmas a little differently this year? Most of us are. Here are some of the ways we're treating this Christmas differently from others, and they're not all bad. In fact some of them are downright brilliant.

First off, this all came to light from a study by OnePoll for Chinet, the disposable tableware brand, and involved 2,000 Americans as 2020 began drawing to a close.

On the down side, two out of five said they're planning on doing family-wide video conferences rather than have a big get together with everyone.

About a third of us plan on scheduling personal calls or face times with family members so we can have individual conversations with them.

Nearly half, 43%, say they're trimming their holiday guest list way back this year.

Over a third, 36%, say  they will require their guests to wear face masks and nearly a third, 31%, say they're holding parts of their gather outside.

Those are all a little sad because we'll miss out on a lot of the personal socializing with family and friends.

But it's not all bad, here are some good things that have come out of our year of doing things differently.

About half of us have taken this year as an opportunity to reach out to an old friend they haven't heard from in a while, or even better to reach out and mend fences with someone they'd had a falling out with in the past.

According to the story on SWNS Digital, three out of four of those surveyed say they now value the human connections they have more than they did before. In fact, 76% said that the pandemic has really helped them put their priorities into perspective. They now understand how the holidays are primarily about friends, family, and plenty of good food.

So cut back your guest list to the people who are most important to you and really enjoy the friendship you have with them this holiday season.

2020 has been an educational experience for all us, at least some of what we learned has been good.

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