We all love a good ghost story; but sometimes the stories might have a ring of truth to them. If you live in San Antonio, then you've probably heard of the Ghost Tracks that exist just south of the city...

Here's a little backstory: way back around the 1930/40s, a school bus with children stalled on the railroad tracks. Around that time, an oncoming train was barreling towards the train. The driver, trying desperately to free the bus off the tracks, was unable to free the bus and the train slammed into the bus. The driver was thrown out the window & survived. The children, sadly, did not.

The story goes that anyone who approached the same train crossing would feel hands pushing their car across the tracks, so they don't meet the same fate the children did. So of course people have tried this experiment by putting baby powder on their bumpers to see if they can find any handprints...

People HAVE driven down to the area & the results... well they were mixed:

So the big question remains...was this story true?

Yes & no.

There WAS an accident that occurred with very similar circumstances but it wasn't in Texas. A very similar accident happened in Salt Lake City, Utah in December of 1938:

  • A school bus stalled on the train tracks carrying 37 high school students on December 1st. The train crew tried to stop the train but sadly couldn't. 22 students & the driver were killed.

And there's also the scientific part of the story: can your car actually cross the road on its own? Is it a supernatural force pushing your car?

So the answer is... most likely No.

Eventually in 2018, the train tracks were permanently closed & removed from service from being used. It was turned into a historic marker that people can find on Google Maps.

Even still people have gone out to the tracks & tried to see if they can find fingerprints on the car.

So are there ghost kids out there? Well... it's hard to fully know with the supernatural. But I'd like to think that there is a spirit out there just trying to protect everyone out on the road, making sure that they find their way home safely...

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