With each passing day, the shutdown impacts the livelihoods of the poorest Americans more.

The Government Shutdown is now going into week 3 and while both Democrats and the White House are playing a game of ‘chicken’ to see who will blink first the Department of Agriculture could have issues in regards to paying out food stamp benefits to nearly 39 million people.

According to CBS News, if the Government is not open by February millions of Americans could see their SNAP benefits interrupted.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture which administers SNAP was one of the agencies underfunded and even though the yearly the funds are renewed it hasn’t been allocated from Congress and even though they approved $3 billion for emergency funds that will not cover the month of February.

Russel Sykes, director of employment and economic well-being at the American Public Human Services Association said in a statement,

It creates a lot of confusion for people.  We can never really get a good handle on reserves. They're very tight-lipped about it.

Let's hope they can come to an agreement before things really get out of hand.

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