"Low" is a relative term.  Everyone wishes gas prices were a buck a gallon, but at least prices are a lot lower than that $4 mark we flirted with several months ago.  The average right now in Texas is $2.36 per gallon.  But will prices go up?

Gas prices affect cars of course, but they also impact airline ticket prices, and even football ticket prices.  If your favorite team has to pay a premium in travel expenses, the easiest way to offset the cost is to raise ticket prices.  And when 18-wheelers have to spend more to fill up, the goods they're hauling will probably cost more.

But the good news!  AAA says Texas has lower gas prices than much of the country.  The average here is $2.36 per gallon, compared to $2.65 nationwide.  The most expensive gas in Texas is in El Paso, and the cheapest is in Beaumont.  The low prices are expected to continue into the fall thanks to "global oversupply."

In Lufkin and Nacogcoches, prices are a few cents lower than the state average, according to Gasbuddy.com. Road trip on!

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