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Gaming buffs that love Fortnite can be hard to understand. In all honesty the best gift you can give them is V-Bucks and privacy. Short of that, all the merchandise you find in stores is just garbage trying to cash in while they can.
I played Fortnite for 2 years and the following list is a couple of things THAT CAN BE WRAPPED UP that your gamer wouldn't scoff at.
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    Fortnite + Nerf = #1 Victory

    Gamers can now play Fortnite on their phones so even when you send them outside, they may still be trying to duke it out online. For the people who can't stand playing on a tiny phone, pretending to be in the game might just have to suffice. This Nerf gun looks a lot like the assault rifle in the game whereas the pistol is something that is rarely used.

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    You would be amazed the difference a headset can make while playing Fortnite.
    With these, you'll be able to not only hear the direction and proximity of your opponents with accuracy.

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    I really looked all over and there isn't much Fortnite merch that your gamer is going to find usable. Don't overthink it. Get a gift card that goes with the system they have, and put it in a card or Christmas stocking. This is THE thing they want.
    But seriously, make sure you know what game console they have.

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