My dad is a US Navy veteran, and he's committed to flying the US flag several days each year.  He hits the obvious ones like Memorial Day and the 4th of July, but the most important day to him might be June 14th.  

When we think about America's birthday, the 4th of July is probably the first day that comes to mind.  And that's a big blast of a day with fun barbecues, baseball, homemade vanilla ice cream, camping, and fireworks.  It's an easy day to remember to fly the flag, because the celebration is built right in.  The flags are part of the parties.

But how many people remember to fly the flag on June 14th? Growing up, I always respected my dad for the mid-June display.  He didn't say a word about it. He just quietly hoisted the flag up on the pole at our house every June 14th, and took it down and folded it properly before dusk that night.  And that was that. says Flag Day is  the anniversary of the Flag Resolution of 1777 when the US Flag was officially adopted.  And it was picked by several school districts in the 1800s as the day to celebrate the flag.  And the Betsy Ross House in Philadelphia held a Flag Day on June 14th, 1891, along with other organizations.  And Flag Day took off from there.

On Flag Day, the only thing we celebrate is the flag.  There are no barbecues or competitive eating competitions to go along with it, and rarely any fireworks or parades.  When we see the flags flying on June 14th, we know that symbol really means something significant to the person who put it up, and that's why the impact might be a little bigger than other flag-flying holidays.

It's a big deal to veterans like my dad, and since he is a cool dude and a really great person inside and out, Flag Day provides a great opportunity to send some love and respect his way.  So....East Texas flag flyers...ya look good!  Thanks for decorating, and happy Flag Day.

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