I remember hearing about Postpartum Depression and it baffled me. Why is the subject so taboo? It breaks my heart to hear that this is a reality for so many women out there. Surely there should have been a drug that could help moms all over the world. A lot of new moms report that they feel sad, moody, or tired in the first few weeks after childbirth. That is completely normal, Postpartum Depression is different. Symptoms of PPD last much longer than the “baby blues,” and in many cases the PPD will interfere with your daily activities. Symptoms that affect women with PPD include anxiety, irritability, and nagging self-doubt about their mothering skills. An average of 11.5% women in America suffer from PPD.

So many women are celebrating a big move on behalf of the FDA for approving the first ever drug for PPD. According to the FDA's press announcement "The U.S. Food and Drug Administration today approved Zulresso (brexanolone) injection for intravenous (IV) use for the treatment of postpartum depression (PPD) in adult women. This is the first drug approved by the FDA specifically for PPD." You can read the full press release by clicking here. 

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