I’m always looking for local honey, since I’ve heard it’s good at helping with local allergies. Getting too scientific about it might make my head explode, but I’ve heard ingesting what the bees produce is supposed to help fight off seasonal allergies. I’m giving the kids a teaspoon a day and they don’t have many sniffles.

With the Farmer’s Market is open in Nac, you can not only get local honey, but just about anything else homegrown too.

The Farmer’s Market says it has baked goods, local organic beef, homemade candles, ceramics, Texas artisan cheeses, local organic chicken, free range eggs, local organic tilapia fish, flowers, various handcrafted items, herbs, local honey, jewelry, plants, preserves, local produce, homemade soaps and locally made fruit wines.

The Nacogcoches Farmer’s Market is open every Wednesday from 3-6pm, and Saturday’s from 8am-Noon. On Saturday’s they break out the breakfast burritos and tacos. Yum!  It’s located at the “hitch lot” at the corner of West Main and Pearl Streets. See ya there.

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