Every year family's  all over the country are getting together during the holidays. Now if it is like my family we always run out of stuff to do after a couple of days. Or we try and keep the kids entertained. Family game times seem to be the answer to all our worries.   The next big question is What Games Do We Play?  Well lucky for you I have done some research as to the perfect games to play!

Monopoly- Now this could be a whole bunch of fun with the family if you have the patience to last the whole game.

Phase 10- Now this card game is one of my family's favorite games. A rummy style game that allows for strategy and fun!

RISK- Now this game can get a little intense as small armies battle to conquer the world.

...I Should Have Known That- I am full of random knowledge and trivia most people look at me like "How does he know that" Hint Hint Hint I really like this game.

Cards Against Humaity- This game is labeled as a party game for horrible people.  That is a intense way to label the game but it is so much fun to play with friends and family to see where minds go.


Now these are a few of my favorite games that have always been a great time with family. What games are your favorite. Comment below and let me know what you would play.

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