We all know that lakefront property is going to be considerably more expensive than, say, just a regular lot. However, there's one house - and I use the word "house" lightly - on Lake Toledo Bend that is carrying a massive price.

This house - or more correctly named - mansion, on the lake is worth $3,200,000. That's right, over three million dollars, right down the road from us!

Photo Courtesy of Toledo Bend Express Realty

It's a quaint little four bedroom, five bathroom, 6500 sq. ft., single-family home located on over 12 acres at 555 Lakeshore Drive, Hemphill, TX.

Quaint is not quite the word that I would used to describe this place. It's a massive house, complete with a pool, hot tub, boat docks (yes, multiple docks), outdoor kitchen, and more. One of the piers even has a private fuel dock for boats, with a 500-gallon tank!

Photo Courtesy of Toledo Bend Express Realty

As you can see, this place even has it's own fitness center, INSIDE THE HOUSE. It seems that this house has it all, even down to the gated entrance. It's also got over 1,700 ft. of shoreline!

It is quite the gorgeous find, well worth the price on it, but I couldn't afford it. Shoot, I couldn't even afford the upkeep on the grounds of this property.

Photo Courtesy of Toledo Bend Express Realty

If you want to check out more pictures of this, it's listed on the Toledo Bend Express Realty website.