This weekend, the two Texas NFL teams will be trying to punch their tickets to the AFC and NFC championship games.  Saturday afternoon, the Houston Texans will be on the road to take on Tom Brady and the New England Patriots, and on Sunday evening, the Dallas Cowboys will play host to the Green Bay Packers. 

If you follow the Vegas oddsmakers, the Texans will lose in a landslide to the Pats, while the Cowboys should pull out a tight game against the Packers.  If you're looking for some inside scoops, narratives, and 'exclusive' story lines for these games, just search the internet.  You'll find more 'sports experts' than one hundred dollar bills wasted by Johnny Manziel.  But, listening to the reasoning of these experts can be more mind-numbing than Vizzini deducing which goblet holds the iocane powder.

Why waste your time on these supposed geniuses when we have all the answers in our own backyard.   That backyard being the Ellen Trout Zoo.

Let's face it, when it comes to picking winners for football games, nobody does it better than Komodo Dragons and Clouded Leopards. Want proof?  Have you ever heard of a Komodo Dragon or Clouded Leopard picking the losing football team?...I rest my case.

So, Friday afternoon, we made a trip to the Ellen Trout Zoo and with the wonderful help of Gorden Henley and his staff, we found out which teams were going to win the games in which Texas teams are playing.


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