There is no Presidential election this year, and that may mean fewer voters head to the polls.

But election officials remind us that each vote counts, and there are still several important issues on ballots across East Texas.

There are nine constitutional amendments on the ballot.  And there are many local offices to be decided.

Don't forget to take your ID to the polls.  The name on your driver's license or other form of ID has to match the name on your voter registration exactly, or you'll have to show another form of ID and sign an affidavit saying it's really you.

For more information on the new ID law, or to find your polling place, just go to the Secretary of State's website.

Early voting starts today, and continues through November 1st.  The general election is coming up on Tuesday, November 5th.  Save yourself some time, and vote early!  Lines will be shorter, and you can cross it off your civic to-do list.

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