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You read the headline right. Earlier this week in Plano, Texas, a gun-owner was enjoying some good human/dog play time when he was accidentally "shot" by his dog.

According to the Plano Police Department's Facebook page, the gun owner had his gun tucked inside his waistband and when he went to pickup his dog, somehow, the dog's paw got stuck on the trigger. The gun fired, sending a bullet into, and through, the man's thigh.

According to the New York Post, the man's injury was not life threatening:

Police officer David Tilley said the injury was not life-threatening and the man was able to bring himself to the hospital.

“Fortunately, it was just a through and through shot — it didn’t hit a main artery or anything,” Tilley told the Dallas News. “He took himself to the hospital and he’s fine.”

It was never reported whether or not the man was wearing a holster, but if he was, it doesn't sound like it fit properly.

Police also took time to remind gun owners to be responsible and keep their finger off the trigger until you are ready to shoot. And, of course, the Plano Police Department urged gun owners to find a holster that is safe and covers the trigger.

Also not known in the case: the type of dog. Other than this one incident, I'm sure it's a good dog.

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