On Memorial Day in Tyler, Texas two men got into an argument that cost one of them their life, the other is now behind bars with a $1 million dollar bond. The details coming from KETK, regarding Christopher Ryan Henry, 29 years old of Flint, Texas is in custody after being arrested on June 3rd for the murder of Austin Lee Deweerdt. 

The incident began on Monday, May 30th around 6:10 am near Pinesdale Place, as 911 was called to an aggravated assault. At that time the victim was already expected not to survive due to his injuries. The suspect was being detained and there was a witness who was talking to detectives shortly after the incident. Law enforcement did find three shell casings and blood from the victim at the scene. 

The Victims Girlfriend Describes What Happened Before the Deadly Memorial Day Argument 

The two men had a history of not getting along so when they saw each other at 6 a.m. the two started arguing immediately. They were wrestling on the ground, then they separated, but the altercation didn’t stop there. Henry then pulled out a gun and threatened to shoot Deweerdt, at that point Deweerdt went to his vehicle to get his own gun. Then Deweerdt put his gun away and moved his vehicle so Henry could leave the area. 

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The Situation Only Got Worse From There 

It would seem like the situation was calming down after one of the guns were put away, but Henry continued to threaten Deweerdt and pointed his gun at him. That’s when the two men began fighting again and when they both got back on their feet it’s reported that Henry fired his weapon multiple times which put Deweerdt on the ground immediately. 

The worst part of this whole situation was that Deweerdt’s son who is only 6-years-old witnessed the event while sitting in his dad’s truck.  

After a warrant was issued for Henry he did turn himself in to law enforcement and is awaiting his next court date. 

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