Most of us work hard, put in long hours, so we can provide for our families and have a nice place to call home. A sanctuary to relax and not worry about the stresses of the world. Unfortunately, the people living at Stonebrook Apartments in Tyler, Texas haven’t been able to relax when arriving home because multiple vehicles have been vandalized, as someone keeps slashing tires within the apartment complex. 

As you can imagine, most residents find out about this aggravating inconvenience at the worst time, often as they are trying to leave for work in the morning. Which means they are late for work or have to take time off. After speaking with one of the residents I was informed that the apartment complex will not do anything to assist the residents other than suggest that they file a police report. To be fair, the lease agreements state that they are not liable for vandalism or destruction done to vehicles but after multiple vehicles have been vandalized, I would hope they are looking into a better camera system for the complex. 

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Renters at Stonebrook Left with Few Options After Vandalism 

Trying to best navigate the situation the renters are now trying to have either their renter's insurance or car insurance pay to replace the slashed tires but the lady I spoke with said renter’s insurance won’t cover the cost. Leaving very few options when dealing with a very annoying situation.  

With Inflation the Added Expense Is Tough Right Now 

With vehicles having all tires slashed it’s not just the tires that need replaced but also a tow bill to get the vehicle to a tire repair facility. As you can imagine many people are furious about the whole situation. Take this as your warning that vandalism and tire slashing is taking place in Tyler, specifically around the Stonebrook apartments so keep an eye on your vehicle if you’re in that area.  

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