There's a time and a place for cell phones.

That's the underlying message in a note employees at an unidentified Houston daycare posted for parents to see.

"I thought it was on point," Juliana Mazurkewicz, who posted the photo on Facebook, told the Houston Chronicle. "I wasn't offended, and I thought it was a good reminder, to myself and others, of what's important."

Naturally, not everyone agrees. The post has sparked a conversation -- more than 10,000 comments and counting -- with some people siding with the note, while others blasted it for unfairly condemning others' behavior.

Using cell phones in certain situations has always been a hot button issue -- on a train, a movie theater, at the dinner table, to name a few -- so this is simply another instance of knowing when and where to text, tweet, talk and whatever else you may do with your phone in a locale where people may not approve.

What do you think? Should parents stay off the phone when they pick up (and drop off) their children at daycare or are people making a big deal out of nothing?

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