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Out-of-town burglars might think that hitting up businesses in small East Texas towns are easy targets, well, they'll soon rethink that because of the officers in Crockett, Texas.

Last Thursday a trio from Ft. Worth made a two-hour and forty-five-minute trip from Cowtown to Crockett, Texas, and targeted a small business in hopes of making a profit from their bountiful haul. However, Crockett Police were on the scene before they could make their clean getaway.

Around 3:50 a.m. last Thursday (June 16th) the Crockett Police were responding to a burglar alarm at Tobacco Barn, which is about a block away from the police station. When officers pulled up on the location they saw a vehicle leaving the location and pursued it and eventually pulled the vehicle over a short while later.

After detaining the three occupants, the officers noticed the 2015 Chevy Suburban was loaded down with loose cartons of cigarettes and several trash bags full of cartons of cigarettes, according to the Crockett Police Facebook page. While searching through the vehicle, officers also located walkie-talkies, pry bars, bolt cutters, and gloves. The trio was held on-site while other officers went back to the Tobacco Barn to investigate further.

Crockett Texas Police Department via Facebook
Crockett Texas Police Department via Facebook

With help from the Houston County Sheriff's Office, investigating officers saw that the front door of the business had been shattered and they could clearly see that the business had been burglarized. The business had a silent eye in the sky surveillance system that captured the entire episode. Officers were able to review the video footage to see the suspects breaking down the door, entering, loading up and stealing four large trash bags full of cigarettes.

The suspects were identified as: (pictured above respectively)

  • Lance Harris Jr. - 21 years old of Ft. Worth
  • Stacy Harris - 45 years old of Ft. Worth
  • Steven Scott Jr. - 20 years old of Ft. Worth

These guys were charged with burglary of a building, engaged in organized criminal activity, and unlawful use of criminal instrument. In addition to facing state jail felony, 3rd-degree felony, and Class A misdemeanor charges, Steven Scott had a warrant for his arrest from Franklin County for burglary of a building. However, this wasn't their only crime during their road trip. Along the way, they allegedly burglarized a convenience store in Anderson County on their way to Crockett.

Maybe these traveling thieves will learn that driving nearly three hours from their home turf to pull off a burglary isn't the best idea. Once they have their day in court and they get back home they may rethink their choice before becoming the 'Traveling Burglars' again.

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