The Polk County Enterprise reports that more than 100 law enforcement officers from federal, state and local agencies moved in and shut down the biggest marijuana farm any of them had ever seen last week.



This "pot" farm near Leggett in Polk County was spread out over 800 acres along Big Sandy Creek near FM 942.  Officers found and chopped down a total of 30,300 plants averaging six feet in height.

The plants were hidden from view in the thick forest and underbrush, which required Texas Forest Service crews to cut new roads so officers could get to many of the grow sites by ATV.  Even so, many of the plants had to be carried to the command post by helicopter.

Investigators say they know who the "farmers" are, but no arrests have been made yet.  A few of the plants will be sent to the DPS Crime Lab in Austin, and the remaining plants will be destroyed.

No estimates were made on how much money 30 thousand "pot" plants were worth to the growers, but at today's street prices of about $50 dollars per ounce of medium grade marijuana, it was worth a few million dollars.  This was marijuana production on an industrial scale.

Incidentally, this kind of thing has been going on for years in east Texas.  Law officers, game wardens and foresters find marijuana farms hidden deep in the national forests on a regular basis.


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